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== Biography ==The gravestone of Tristram Coffin states his death and age. "To the memory of Tristram Coffin Esq., who having served the church of Christ in the office of a deacon 20 years died Feb. 4th 1703/4 aged 72 years. On earth he purchased a good degree, Great boldness in the faith and liberty And now possesses immortality." The stone is located in the Burial-Place at "Old-Town"Nason, Elias, "The Burial-Place at "old Town," Newbury, MS." New England Historical and Genealogical Register [https://archive.org/details/newenglandhistor00lccnewe/page/372 Vol 1 p. 373] (1874) The cemetery is currently designated as the First Parish Burying Ground, Newbury. }
He was the son of Tristram Coffin and Dionis Stephens who were married in 1630, as residents of Brixton, Devonshire, England.Massachusetts: Vital Records, 1620-1850 (Online Database: AmericanAncestors.org, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001-2016). https://www.americanancestors.org/DB190/i/7759/318/141121494 Cites a private record.
Tristram was born in 1631 or 1632, probably in Brixton. There is a date of 1 Feb 1631 or 1632, which seems reasonable but a reliable source for this date has not been located.
Tristram Coffin and Judith Somerby, were married at Newbury, 2 Mar 1652.Vital records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. (Salem, Mass. : Essex Institute, 1911) [https://archive.org/details/vitalrecordsofne21newb/page/n227 p. 112] Judith was previously married to Henry Somerby. Judith Coffin was named in the 1668 will of her father Edmund Greenleaf, who named Tristram as one of his executors.Boston Probate Records 1669-1674, pg. 112 as printed in: Genealogy of the Greenleaf Family, James Edward Greenleaf, Boston, 1896.
Tristram lived mostly at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony. (1)
April 29, 1668 -- Tristram Coffin, Jr., was made a freeman 29 Apr. 1668. (1)
1667 -- Tristram Coffin, Jr., signed a petition at Salisbury. (1)
He was a merchant tailor and he filled many positions of trust and honor in Newbury including deacon of the 1st church in Newbury for 20 years.
As a man of property, Tristram dealt largely in lands. There are many deeds to and from Tristram in the Norfolk, Ipswich, and Essex records at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.
"I Stephen Greenleaf of Newbury... Have with the asent & consent of Elizabeth my wife... Sould... unto... Tristram Coffin... parsell of Salt marsh in Plumbe Island... which was my father Edmond Greenleafs grant, the wch my sd ffather gave mee... I the sd Stephen Greenleafe & Elizabeth my wife have sett to or hands & seales November the ninth... one thousand Six hundred & Seaventy..."(2)
In 1671 Tristram deposed in court that he paid Mr. Richard Lowell, eight pounds sterling for the debt which Henry Somerby, his wife's former husband, owed. "I Stephen Greenleafe of Newbury... for... nyne pounds... payd... by... my Brother Tristram Coffin of the abovesd Towne... sell unto.. Tristram Coffin all my... right... in marsh... in Newbury... & I... & Elizabeth my wife have sett to our hands & seales this 12th day of december one thousand six hundred seventy & one."(3)
November 22, 1676 -- "Henry Short with the free and volentary consent of Sarah my wife... of Newbury.. sell unto... Tristram Coffin a certain parcell of meadow... in... Newbury... only by this tis provided and to be understood that the Sayd Coffin... are not to be possessed, of the above bounded mead while my Unkle Richard Kent is living but Imediatly after his death..." (4)
1678 -- Tristram, in his 47th year, took the oath of Allegiance at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Circa 1678 - Tristram Coffin, Jr., built the Coffin mansion which still stands. The house was originally thought to have been built in 1654, however, sample borings studied by the Oxford University Dendrochronology Lab in 2002 shows that the original house was built in 1678 and the front addition was added in 1712. It is now known as the [https://www.historicnewengland.org/property/coffin-house/ Coffin House], and is located at 14 High Road, Newbury, Mass. 01951. The House is owned by Historic New England, and is open to the public.

He served on the Grand Jury several years.
June 13, 1678 -- "Peter Coffin of... Dover... County of Dover & Portsmouth... Sendeth Greeting... Know ye that whereas George Goldwyer of... Salsburie... did by his deed of... ffourteenth day of May... one thousand Six hundred Seventie Eight... sell unto the said Peter Coffin... Twentie Acers... in... Salsburie... I the sd Peter Coffin... In consideration of the Sum of One Hundred pounds... hath... Sold... unto... Tristram Coffin... one half of the... lott." (5)
1681 -- Tristram Coffin, Jr., sold land as Lieutenant Tristram Coffin.
April 1, 1684 -- "Laurence Hammond of Charlestowne... Merchant Executor of the last will & Testamt of Margaret his late wife who formerly was the Relict widow and sole Executrix of the last will and Testament of Francis Willoughby Esqr of Charlestown abovesd Deced Sendeth Greeting Know ye that the sd Lawrence Hammond... in consideration of... three hundred Sixty & eight pounds... paid by Tristram Coffin of Newbury... Taylor... Viz. Two hundred Forty five pounds... unto Samuel Nowell Esqr Treasurer for Harvard Colledge in Cambridge and the remaining One hundred twenty three pounds unto Mr. Peter Coffin of Pisctaqua for the discharge of alike sums oweing from Francis Willoughby unto Harvard Colledge and Peter Coffin respectively... doth... sell... unto the sd Tristram Coffin... his messuage... within the... Limits of Glocester... containeing all that Newck of Land... between the Rivers of Annisquam and Chebacco." (6)
1680 -- Tristram sold back to his brother Peter Coffin of Dover the land that Peter sold him in 1678. (7)

1681 -- Tristram Coffin, Jr., signed a Newbury petition. (7)
January 3, 1684/1685 (i.e., 1685) -- Tristram Coffin, Henry Short, and Abraham Morrill were appointed to survey for a new precinct at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony. (8)
September 26, 1682 -- Tristram was appointed appraiser, executor and distributor of the estate of Mr. George Carr of Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony. (9)
Tristram was listed in the tax lists of Gov. Andros: “An Invoyes of August, ’88. Newbury- Heads 3, Houses 4, Plow Lands 5, Meadow 8, Pastr 3, Horses 2, oxen 4, Cows 5, 3 yr old 2, 2 yr. old 1, 1 yr old 3, sheep 30, Hoggs 2”. (19)
"This Indenture made the tenth day of march one thousand six hundred Eighty and Eight... Between Jonathan Willoughby of the Parrish of St. Martins, Outwich, in the Citty of London, Barber, Chyrurgion, Eldest Son of Jonathan Willoughby who was the Eldest Son of Francis Willoughby Late of Charlestowne Esq... both Deceased of the one part. And Tristram Coffin of Newbary... Taylor, of the other part... Witnesseth that said Jonathan Willoughby... In Consideration of five shillings... doth... sell unto the sd Tristram Coffin all that... Tenement... within... Glocester... one dwelling house... with about five hundred acres of land... between the Rivers of Annasquam and Chebacco."(10)
The next day Jonathan Willoughby made a similar deed but this time for £10/5.
"Tristram Coffin of Newbury... Sendeth Greeting... Know Yee that I... In Respect of Natural affections... Have Given... unto my son Peter Coffin all tht my farme which was formerly... by me purchased of Capt. Hammonds ye Heire of... Willoughby in England... In... Glocester... provided allwayes... That he ye said Peter My Son shall... pay... to me and to his mother Judith... during our naturall lives The... Sum of Six pounds per annum... Also... if my said son Doo Dye and Leave no... Children to Inherit ye abovesaid premises That then... ye said ffarme shall Returne to me... his father again if I survive my said Son & In case my Self be not surviving... ye said Inheritance shall be divided amongst my Sons, which are Surviving. Alwayes Provided... tht I ye said Tristram or my Son Surviving shall... pay... unto ye Wife Widow or Relict of my said son Peter, In case she survives him ye... sum of One hundred & fiftie pounds... Provided allwayes... that what Stock & moveables my said son Peter hath Received of me In his lifetime shall be accounted as part payment" 1691.(11)
Stephen Blandford of Sudbury conveyed to Tristram Coffin of Newbury, land there, "which was my father in laws Deacon Robert Long late of Newbury Deced... Set out to my Wife Susannah and her Sister Martha Long equally" 4 Apr. 1693.(12)
Between this date and 16 Aug. 1700, the date of Tristram's last conveyance, there are over thirty deeds recorded in his name. At the time of his death, he owned considerable property and left a very long will, written by himself.
"In the Name of god Amen I Tristram Coffin of Newbury... being sensaball of my owne mortallity and at this time of a disposing mind do mak this as my last will and testament... as for my worldly goods which god hath given me I dispose of them as followeth.
1. I doe ordan and appoynt my son Nathaniel Coffin to take spesshall care of my Wife his mother to provid for her in all Respects duering har life all things nessesary for har comfortabell being both In sickness and In helth.
2. my will is and I dow hearby give to my son James Coffin.. the hous he now livith in and the shop the two barns next his hous and an half of the pastoor land ajoyning Including his orchard... As allso all the plowland I boubt of John long and Shuball: in one year aftere my death and two parts in five of all Coman priviliges In the town Comans: and the one half part of my orchard and pasture at wattes bridg and one half of the meddow I bouft of parsifill lowell; and fower acre of that meddow ajoyning to Deacon Cotin Noys...” [Tristram gives him various pieces of real estate and lists from whom he purchased them] “provided that my son James Coffin pay to his brother Nathaniell Coffin fortey Shillins a yeare during his Mothers life...
3. my will is and I dow give to my son Stephen Coffin... all my howsing and upland and meddows with priviligis of Comman Reights belonging to me In haverhill and all my meddo within the bounds of Mr hookes farme... in Newbury” [more land] “he paiing to his Son William five pounds.
4. My will is I give to my son peter Coffin... the farm at gloster with the Iland and all priviligis in comon With In the toun ship of glostar the which I have given him a deed of and I give him six shillins and I dow hearby ordar my said son peter Coffin to pay to his brother Nathaniel Coffin all tht Is due to me from him eithar by book bill or bond; and the 6sh a year that my wife should reseave of him annually dureing har natural life becas my son Nathaniel must provide for his mother.
5. my Will is and I dow give to my son Nathaniel Coffin... my now dwelling house with my barnes and pastural lands ajoyning and orchards... and all my plowland property ajoyning to Joseph Downes land...” [Tristram gives him various pieces of land and lists from whom he purchased them] ”as allso all My houshowld goods and Cattell and sheep and swines and horsis and all othar things belonging to me and all my debts due to me...
6. My Will is I give to my grandson Tristram Samborn fower pounds to be paid to him by his father out of the money I lent him to by meddow with and the Remainder I give to my dafter Judeth.
7. Item I give to my daftar deborah knights 5s and twelf walnut trees: In that land I bowft of edman moores and to har son Tristram knight a Cowe.
8. I give to my dafter Mary littel 5s and to har son Tristram littel a cow and 2 Sheep

9. I give to my dafter lidia pike 5s
10. I give to my grand dafter Mary littell a fethar bed and bostar and pillo and a par of blinkits and 2 coverleds and 2 pare of sheets.
11. My will is and I dow hearby appoynt my son Nathaniell Coffin to be the Executar of this my will to pay all my honest deptes and to reseve all my debtes and to par forme the legissis according to this my will and to take speshall Care of his mother In har age and I dow Renouns all formar wils by Me made... this 12 dy of May 1703."(13)
Deacon Tristam Coffin died in Newbury, 4 Feb 1703/4Newbury (Mass.). Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute, 1911. [https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?q1=tristram%20Coffin;id=njp.32101057499533;view=image;seq=575;start=1;sz=10;page=search;num=571 Vol 2 p. 571] and was buried at the "Old Town" Burial Ground:

"To the memory of Tristam Coffin Esq, who having served the church of Christ in the office of a deacon 20 years died Feb. 4th 1703-4 aged 72 years.
"On earth he pur-chas-ed a good degree,
Great boldness in the faith and liberty
And now possesses immortality.""The Burial Place at "old Town" New England Historical and Genealogical Register 1:373 (1874) [https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=HQBKrrRlolcC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_atb_hover&pg=GBS.PA373 p. 373

After his death Judith quit to her sons her dower in Henry Somerby’s estate and they acquired the rest of his estate by purchase.
“I Judith Coffin of... Newbury... Widdow and relict of Tristram Coffin Esq. late of Newbury deceased... for and in Consideration of the love goodwill and affection which I have and doe beare unto my loving and dutifull Sons James Coffin, Stephen Coffin and Nathaniel Coffin of Newbury Abovesd... give... unto my Said Sons... all my right and Intrest which I have in or unto Any prt or ercha of My former Husbands Estate viz. Mr Henry Somerby deceased which became Mine by... A settlement of Court... the 30th day of the Ninth Month one thousand Six hundred and fifty and two... in Such manner and proportion as My late Husband Tristram Coffin late of Newbury deceased gave unto them by his last will and Testament bearing date the twelfth day one thousand Seven Hundred and three... this twenty Eighth of August... one thousand Seven hundred and five.”

=== Children ===
::: Child: [[Coffin-702|Judith Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-599|Deborah Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-681|Mary Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-640|James Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-644|John Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-612|Lydia Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-693|Enoch Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-694|Stephen Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-689|Peter Coffin]]
::: Child: [[Coffin-686|Nathaniel Coffin]]

=== DNA ===As of November 22, 2018 the Coffin Family DNA Project lists Tristram y-DNA as Haplogroup R-BY34208, a subclade of R1b.Family Tree DNA, retrieved 22 Nov 2018 from [https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Coffin?iframe=ycolorized www.familytreedna.com]

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